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HHO Member Testimonials

Members are raving about Hoof Help Online!

"Your course made me fall in love with hooves. I've been trimming my horse since and also trimmed other horses form time to time. I love the simplicity of your teachings and your clear down-to-earth advice."

"We are now into our second abscess free, 100% sound winter period, in fact all totally sound for over two years now! The one I had all the problems with is sporting beautiful hooves.   He has lovely thick strong walls, his were the weakest of them all, and lovely defined bars.   He still hasn't the concavity I would like but I think that’s just the way he is built.   The main thing is he is sound and healthy. All four have no problems ever,  on the hard gravel we have here up in the hills,  for a moment back then, I doubted we would ever get there. I just had to tell you again how grateful I am to have found you guys, I have been following your trim for what must be over 5 years now. I love trimming them all, now I know how to achieve straight defined bars :)  I trim with confidence and every time I look at my horses hooves I get a thrill of contentment knowing how sound they are.  Again I thank you James for showing me how to attain four beautiful healthy boys with sixteen beautiful healthy hooves.   I know you have some naysayers out there, but the proof is in the pudding, and I have sixteen beautiful healthy hooves and four beautifully healthy horses thanks to you and HHOL!"

"thanks for the amazing trimming method! :D "

"... just a quick hello to tell you how much I enjoy HoofHelpOnline's What's New This Month - I like that you archive it in the very same order that it was added, makes things easy to find. And all is beautifully rendered, interesting to read, all around professionally done. THANK YOU."

"Thanks so much for this wonderful service! Being able to log in anytime and study is so helpful. I'm now trimming my horses feet whereas I was so afraid to try over the years. Much Mahalo for all you do!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I had my vet here yesterday doing the boys teeth.  He noticed Harley's feet first and said wow you really have them looking good.  I told him Cal's weren't there yet but when he looked at them he said that they looked great and that they have come a long way.  Just as he was leaving he said keep up the good work with the feet!  It was so nice to hear that from him. He knows a little more about feet than most vets and is into barefoot so it was great to finally hear that from him.  Thank you so much!"

"I like your method, it makes total sense once you start to learn the whole thing and see the results.  You guys are really the only ones that have your method and the why to your method. You have an answer as to why you do what you do and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn it!"

"Thank you for your website and sharing the knowledge you and James have accumulated. It has made all the difference in my horse's hooves!"

From a long-time subscriber: "I love the site, can't be without it! :) "

"The online instruction is full of great information. I wanted to pick up some more knowledge & how to in order to improve my horses' already healthy hooves. I am learning this plus lots more about how the hoof is all connected and works."

"Your method is awesome!  I've been using it almost a year and the results and changes are SO dramatic - and all for the better."

"I have found the Welz style of trimming to be fantastic and am switching all horses in my hoof trimming care to this style."

"You guys are amazing and I wish I would have looked into this site more when I first saw it 3 yrs ago. I guess better late then never. Lol"

"Yvonne, thank you soo much for all your work on the website. It is my favorite place to visit."

"You guys ROCK!"

"Y'all have done an ENORMOUS amount of work on Hoof Help Online. Congratulations! Well done."

"I am enjoying and learning so much from the Hoof Help Online site. Your approach is practical and your theory makes sense when I study it. I also like that you base your approach on sound research. While I understand that experience and intuition have an important position in any field of endeavor, scientific research, an organized approach and practicality are so important to someone like me just starting to consider this approach to hoof care. Thanks for sharing this information.  I appreciate it very much."

"Just wanted to commend Jim and you on the Hoof help Online site. What an enormous amount of work you put in. Lots of excellent thoughts and conclusions. An enormously comprehensive and insightful contribution to barefoot."

"I remember asking about climate, especially wet climate, and how this trim would perform - and you assured me it works in any climate. I live in Ireland and we have hardly had a dry day this year and the wettest June in living memory. I have to say everyone's hooves are softening around me, but my own horses have remarkable hard feet for the amount of rain, and no thrush. I am amazed at their condition - ok the frog tends to shed plenty, due to the wet, but everything else is good."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful website and the incredible amount of information you have on it. I have spent the last few months researching everything I could find on the internet and have bought books, but your website is by far the best source of information I have found."

"I have gone through both extremes of trimming. I've gone from trimming too little to trimming too much, all in search of soundness. As I searched for further knowledge, I found a few things I can use, but nothing really new. Then I started reading the hoof help online material. This really is a different approach and it makes sense. The site is put together really well and I can tell this took a lot of work. Just wanted to say thank you, I know you have worked really hard to help other trimmers and I appreciate that."

"Hey, I just want to say that I think your trim is VERY different than others. I am convinced that peripheral loading is my horse's problem, and just about every other horse I see. My goodness, it may be a "little" difference in trim, but what a difference it makes!"

"Hoof Help Online is the best - don't waste time going from trim method to trim method - I have done that, and this is by far the best package around, the best online illustrations, step by step how to and help within the day when asking. Altogether brilliant."

(Email to Yvonne): "Your husband is BRILLIANT!!! Sorry, the more I read, the more I am just blown away! I'm on the Theory page. I'll keep reading. But when I read your realization about how everyone (me included) have seen the horn come down when a scoop is made and making the connection about the whole wall, why didn't anyone else make this connection???"

"I browse the internet for everything I can find on barefoot trimming and natural horsekeeping, and the Welz trim brought me my missing puzzle piece. Actually, it is the first of all trim methods so far I am ready to apply step by step, as it is REASONABLE, non-invasive, logical and with a sound technical base."

"I have learned more since I've joined this site than in the previous 3 1/2 years prior to joining last year. And I've read or watched just about every person out there that that promotes barefoot, so that is saying alot."

"Yvonne, I am so impressed with Hoof Help Online. What a fantastic resource! I'm loving all the articles, photos and videos to improve my hoof trimming. What an important service you and James are providing. Thank you!!"-Mary Debono, SENSE Method

"I just joined Hoof Help Online recently and am excited to learn about the Welz trim. Thank you so much to James and Yvonne. I have been searching for a solution for my mare's chronically contracted heels for a long time and you have given me all the answers!"

A professional trimmer writes: "Really enjoy your Hoof Help Online... I encourage my clients, who want to trim their own horse, to join. The horses' hooves, I am trimming, are changing, for the better...."

"Your work with hooves is pretty amazing. I have had a tremendous amount of positive change take place with both of my horses since I started to implement your healthy hoof trim. I've been doing so much research for so long and felt like you'd really figured it out the moment I first stumbled onto your website. The gal that did regular trims for me told me the last time she was here that pointing her to your information radically changed her life as a professional trimmer. I am honestly and deeply grateful."

"Amazing site. Anyone who trims their own horses, is thinking about trimming their own horses, or wants to be able to communicate with their current farrier, please do yourself, and your horses a favor: JOIN Hoof Help Online NOW!!
James has a wonderful way of showing, with pictures, videos, and many articles, the how to-do, the why we do-it, when to do-it, all in easy to understand language. And he answers you questions, looks at pictures of your horses' hooves; it's like having a private session with him!"

"I have read and re-read your "system" and LOVE the videos, photos, EVERYTHING!!!!  I have been researching trimming for over a year and have now finally found a resource that I can use and understand!!!!  Thank you especially for providing this incredible site!"

"I can honestly say that making an investment in joining Hoof Help Online has saved me way more $ than the monthly fee. Trimming my own horses is very rewarding, and their hooves are becoming more and more healthy. No hoof no horse!"

"I am new and since finding your website I finally feel like I have a excellent resource that has given me incredible information, I love the videos!"

"I am blown away with your new Hoof Help Online site! We have waited for it for a couple of years and now I see why it took the time to get it together...well worth the wait. There is an amazing amount of information on there, and you can get personal help, too. I love the whole way you put it together, making professional hoof care help available for everyone without draining the pocket book. Great Job!"

"I just joined. Great info! Learned something new in the first 30 minutes of reading: the difference between the dry and wet frog. I have been noticing this for ages, but always thought the dry frog was pathological, with thrush issues..."

"I for one am very impressed with the new site! I am looking forward to all that is to come!"

"Ok guys just love the hoof help online, just what I needed glad to see that I was on right track, but it has just put a few more puzzles in place for me, stocked with loads of great articles, videos, photos etc etc. brilliant!"

"Awesome site. Everyone has to sign up. I almost didn't get to go to bed last night because I started reading. Well done!"

"Your site and your help is just what I have been looking for during the last four years of barefoot trimming! I am now definitely going to reach that holy grail of barefoot, consistent gravel crunching hooves on all three of my horses!"

"Hoof Help Online is the best source of info I have found to help owner barefoot trimmers. After a month of studying all the fantastic guidelines and info on the site I feel so much more informed on the hoof, in my trimming and now am so much more confident to go forward and improve. HHO is BRILLIANT!... and all thanks to you both for taking the time and effort to provide this excellent site and.. be there when help is needed! For $20 a month its a steal!"

"I will be glad to say that this has helped me very much. I was struggling with my own trimming. I learned a lot right away from the clear and easy to understand instructions. The videos are also very helpful. I was able to correct mistakes that I had been making. Get better tools and trim less often. I had made the mistake of trimming every week. I am very grateful and my horses are moving better. It was one of the best investments I have made recently!"

"A large amount of excellent information. Well worth it."

"No way we would have missed checking it out... we have looked forward to it for some time. You guys are doing a fantastic job with it. Out of all the "help" out there now for hoof care, none compare to what you guys have done. It is an awesome platform and you guys will do well with it I am sure, once word get out there..."

"Wow! thanks Yvonne! It's hard for me to turn my computer off, since I
signed up for Hoof Help Online - GREAT job you and James have done !! My
horses are going to be so happy!"

"I have only watched a portion of the trimming videos, and it is exactly what
I am looking for... different hooves that aren't perfect but not
pathological being trimmed. Great stuff!"

"I am really finding the articles/photos/advice very thought provoking. Really helping me to analyze my horses' hooves and I appreciate the fact that I can always post for help.....thank you!"

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