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What’s on Hoof Help Online?

Hoof Help Online provides an organized series of presentations, photos, streaming videos and articles to guide the subscriber through an online hoofcare educational experience. While our emphasis is on barefoot horses, our information is universal--and, quite simply, applicable to every horse that has hooves! Our goal is to provide our members with education, inspiration, and the confidence to apply what they learn.

As of late 2017, we have on available on the site:

92+ Trimming Videos, created just for this site

160+ Articles, written specifically for this site

130+ Hoof Photo page files (usually around 6-12 photos per page, some multiple pages - so well over a THOUSAND hoof photos!)

32+ Ask James photo consultations

8+ Presentations (like powerpoint screen presentations)

Hundreds of Q&A on a variety of topics

And we add to this just about every month! This site is for beginners, and for professionals, and everyone in between. We'd like to share what we've learned, to help improve your horse's hooves.

We have organized this material into an online learning area consisting of Theory, which explains why we do things the way we do, and How-To, which will demonstrate these concepts. Theory and How-To are the heart of the education. We have also created libraries for Q&A, Articles, Photos and streaming Video.

If you have specific questions, you can find many of them already answered in the Q&A section, or you can ask your question in our private Facebook Forum Group. The Hoof Help Online Forum on Facebook is a friendly, moderated, online community where you can ask any question in a safe environment. James & Yvonne will stop by frequently to add their comments. This private Forum is open to all past and current members of Hoof Help Online, and new members will receive an invite to join.

What type of trimming do we teach? We teach what we have personally developed and have found great success with: our own system of trimming. It has common elements, as well as very specific differences, to other barefoot trimming methods. As a whole, our system is completely unique, with emphasis upon crucial trimming details that are simply not found anywhere else. It is based on current science, well-worn experience, and a mechanical view of the hoof. It is also SAFE, highly effective, teachable, and relatively easy to learn. Our system of trimming allows you to use whatever tools you choose, and is not dependent on any style of tool. Read more under the Welz System of Trimming.

Is this information for beginners? Or just for advanced trimmers? We have designed our information to include the full range, from beginner to advanced. Since our unique information has never before been published, everyone starts out in the same place. This information will grow monthly, and we will keep expanding and building up the archives. We'll provide many items marked specifically just for beginners.

If you are an advanced trimmer, we invite you to explore what we have to offer. Investigate our ideas, theories, and techniques, and take what you can from us. In the spirit of The Horse’s Hoof, we welcome everyone from every background, and wish to foster communication and cooperation between all groups.

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Join Now: Not a member? Click here to join now and receive immediate access to everything: our Forum, Q&A, Photos, Videos, Articles and detailed how-to trimming instructions.